Compliments and Acknowledging

(by Katrin)

“I can live for two months on a good compliment.” —Mark Twain.

A wonderful (almost instant) way to motivate someone is by acknowledging them and giving them a genuine compliment. 

When we receive an acknowledgement, we feel seen and appreciated. It’s something we deeply appreciate. 

When we give an acknowledgement, we experience a sense of warmth and generosity towards others.

Acknowledging. Def.: Noun. an expression of a gratitude when someone assists or has assisted in creating something.


PRACTICE THIS: To increase your Acknowledgment Skills, identify one or two people at home or work and acknowledge them using the following sentence starters:

Sentence Starters

  1. I appreciate that you …
  2. I get the sense that you are …
  3. What I notice about you is …
  4. I value your …
  5. You are …

Don’t wait. Do it today! Practice with your loved ones, colleagues, boss and clients.

Be genuine, however, here is a fun fact. Studies show that there is no upper-limit to the amount of flattery that someone is willing to receive. Amazingly, they found that to be true, even when the receiver thinks it’s fake. For your amusement, here is a Harvard Business Review article on “Why flattery is effective”.

By Katrin Windsor. Founder,  Powerful coaching with clear results and business value. 1:1 with executives. Team coaching and training.

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