Teams are most powerful, effective, and fun when they’re working as one unit, not a collection of individuals. We help teams see themselves as one powerful, creative, resilient force — as a team that can do anything.

We start with laser-sharp assessments to get a clear view of where the team is today, and where they most need to focus for growth. We then use deep coaching to bring these critical changes to life.


In working with teams, we do several sessions with the leader in advance of coaching the team. This helps the leader be clear about how they’re showing up with the team, and raises their ability to keep the team growing in new ways.

We also do 1:1 coaching with individuals outside of any work with teams. Our personal clients range from founders and CEOs to top executives at Fortune 100 companies, plus established leaders in academia and industry.


We do customized workshops outside of team coaching engagements, as desired. While substantive change doesn’t happen in just one session, our workshops are a great starting point in shifting people’s perspectives.

These workshops run from 90 minutes to half-day sessions, and range from Empowered Relationships to Radical Candor to Being Fully Engaged. Contact us to find out about these sessions and more.


Move your team into high gear with our fresh, interactive keynotes and session talks. These talks are perfect for kick-off sessions and when your team needs a boost.

Katrin and John have both earned raves for their speaking. Katrin has done keynotes in three languages, in three different countries. John is a former Broadway star and was a top five blogger on presentations. Let us show you what we can bring to your team.